'American Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson has admitted that her new single 'Tie It Up,' which she debuted at the 2013 CMA Fest, is about her life -- as she and fiance Brandon Blackstock are tying the knot. The star decided to give her husband-to-be a little practice, tying him up for her country single cover shoot... against his will.

Apparently, Blackstock didn't want to be a part of the shenanigans, as Clarkson reveals in the behind-the-scenes video above. "He absolutely did not want to do this," she shares, but the singer certainly must have her way with words -- or have him tied around her finger, as she added excitedly, "But, I'm making him!"

Her less-than-eager counterpart looked a little coerced into the photoshoot, with a slight smirk on his face that read, "How in the world did I get roped into this?" However, he also was clearly amused, and at least got to spend time up close and personal time with the 'Don't Rush' singer, as they literally were tied together.

Clarkson looked ravishing in a short, white, lacy dress and boots, carrying a sunny bouquet or sunflowers, and her groom was dashing in a dark pants and shirt. But, you can't actually see Blackstock in the final photo -- you just see his arm. At least the arm she's tied to is an accurate representation of who she'll be tied to for better or worse, right?