The lyrics to the new Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw duet, 'Feel Like a Rock Star,' will surely become a summertime anthem for the two superstars as they tour across the country on their joint Brothers of the Sun Tour.

Chesney and McGraw debuted 'Feel Like a Rock Star' during Sunday night's Academy of Country Music Awards. The song will officially appear on Chesney's forthcoming new album 'Welcome to the Fishbowl,' which is set to hit stores in June 19. The tune was written by hit songwriters Rodney Clawson and Chris Tompkins.

"Chris came up with the idea, and he had this bass line that the song starts with," Clawson reveals to Taste of Country. "Everybody wants to feel like a rock star, and this song we started to write that day really evolved into whatever makes you feel like a rock star."

"Do you smoke / Do you drink / Do you yell out Hank / Do you fold it in your pocket / Or put it in the bank / Do you drop it down low to the ground," the two wrote in song's opening lyrics.

"It's just everything that people do that makes them feel good or makes them feel cool," notes Clawson. "It’s just whatever makes you feel like a rock star -- just do it."

"Whatever makes you feel like a rock star / Yeah you can kick it back, chill / Or you can rock hard / You've busted your butt all week / Now it's your time to be / Whatever you want to be / You can dress to kill / You can shoot to thrill / Try to seal the deal / Whatever makes you feel like a rock star," they wrote in the chorus.

"Kenny wanted this song for his live show, which is what we heard, and now Tim has sung on it," says Clawson. "It’s just fun, uptempo and rockin’. Now that those guys will be touring together this summer, hopefully it’s going to be a big feature song in the show."

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