Believe it or not, Kenny Chesney's video for 'When I See This Bar' began over a decade ago. Really. This personal music video is practically a journal entry from the singer, combining footage from his beginnings on the Virgin Islands with rehearsals from his No Shoes Nation Tour. 

He took the lyrics of the song literally, going back to some of his favorite old bars in the Virgin Islands, with an incredibly simple video that has a deeply personal meaning to Chesney.

He explains to USA Today, "It's got a lot of my life in it, a lot of the friends I met down in the islands back even before I started building my life as I know it now," adding, "This video probably has more of my life and more of my heart -- and we spent less on it -- than anything I've ever done."

The simplicity of the video is really what helps capture the beauty of island life. Along with footage of a younger Chesney (more often shirtless than not) there are also stills that portray his island friends -- individuals that have inspired him through the years.

Not surprisingly, much of the video is filled with boating, beaches, bikinis, and breathtaking sunsets, but what's interesting is the tie between the island footage and his No Shoes Nation Tour footage. It really contrasts his two lives -- entertainment and laid-back island living -- and blends them together in a way that makes sense. The video really demonstrates the fact that although the small town-bred Chesney is often in the spotlight onstage, offstage he's really just a guy who enjoys a much simpler lifestyle.

He's paid tribute to his island living many times, with a Blue Chair Bay Premium Rum, the 'Pirate Flag' video featuring island friends, and a whole album dedicated to his favorite place on earth. Fans will definitely come away from 'When I See This Bar' with a deeper sense of how much Chesney loves the Virgin Islands.