'Before Somebody Gets Hurt' was actually written for Kevin Fowler's previous album, 'Chippin' Away,' but it didn't make the cut. That didn't mean it was erased from the Texas-based singer's memory. In fact, he loved it so much, he breathed a little new life into the track and put it on his upcoming album, 'How Country Are Ya?'

Fowler reveals that he wrote the song with David Lee Murphy, but somebody at his label didn't like it, nixing its place on the 2011 album. "[We] went back in last year, revamped the second verse, added the bridge in there, and I just love the song," he explains in this video exclusive.

With vocals from Amy Rankin of the Rankin Twins, the song is definitely a living, breathing, totally catchy track that will inevitably get caught in fans' heads.

The album 'How Country Are Ya?' is in stores March 4, and fans can pre-order it on iTunes here. Taste of Country will continue debut the rest of the tracks for Fowler's fans, as well as the stories behind the songs. Check back daily!

Listen to Kevin Fowler, 'Before Somebody Gets Hurt'