Kevin Fowler's new album 'How Country Are Ya?' brings some Tex-Mex panache to the table with 'Borracho Grande.' In this exclusive video, the singer shares his thoughts on South Texas, and fans can be transported to the Riverwalk in San Antonio by listening to the catchy track below.

It's not just happenstance that 'Borracho Grande' made the cut for Fowler's record. He admits, "I just really wanted this album to have some South Texas flair on it. I wanted to have at least one song that was really about Texas and especially the whole Tex-Mex thing."

Fowler wanted the song to nod to the Texas-Mexico blend, giving fans a cultural experience via their ears. "I wanted to feel like I was walking down the River Walk ... walking through San Antonio ... I wanted it to sound like a mariachi band playing in the middle of the street," he explains.

Did Fowler carry out his vision? Listen to the song from 'How Country Are Ya?’ which is available for pre-order on iTunes here. Until the album releases on March 4, Taste of Country will debut the rest of the tracks for Fowler’s fans, as well as the stories behind the songs.

Listen to Kevin Fowler, 'Borracho Grande'