Kid Rock brings his new single "American Rock 'n Roll" to the drive-in for the music video. The nearly five-minute clip was shot at a vintage-style outdoor movie theater in Lewisburg, Tenn., but the rocker is the main attraction.

The clip opens with a pan across the entrance of Hi-Way 50 Drive-In. The feature film for the evening is fitting — they're playing American Rock 'n Roll — and soon we see Kid Rock's band getting ready for a performance. The drum's kicking, shades on before Rock makes an appearance.

While there's still daylight, the band rehearses in front of the movie screen, but pretty soon the spotlights come out as night creeps in. Despite the live music, the feature film plays on, with images of Memphis, Elvis Presley and other rock icons appearing behind Kid Rock as he sings about "Memphis blues."

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The song itself paints the picture of a perfect night for two teenagers in love.

"Midnight riding in my old two seater rolling down the boulevard / Headlights shining on rusty fences as I pass the rail yard / Black leather jacket on a Friday night / Fire up the lighter and a Lucky Strike," Rock sings on the song's first verse.

The band's live performance brings the song to life — literally — and the track's infectious chorus and memorable guitar riffs keep the listener intrigued. "American Rock 'n Roll" is the latest single from Kid Rock's 2017 album, Sweet Southern Sugar.

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