Garth Brooks' "The Dance" is an iconic song, one of those special tracks that hits you right in the gut. Eighteen-year-old Dustin Chapman attempted to cover the popular song, and he succeeded in a touching way.

In what appears to be a bedroom, Chapman holds a vintage-looking stand up microphone as he begins "The Dance." It only takes a couple of lines to hear his similarities to Brooks and a maturity in his voice that is well beyond his 18 years. Backed by only a track, Chapman's voice has nowhere to hide and his rendition will take your breath away.

Chapman reveals he's "pursuing a career in country music," and we wouldn't be surprised if we heard him on the radio one day. He loves all forms of country music and his YouTube channel (and Facebook page) features covers from George Jones to Luke Bryan, but it's this Brooks cover where he truly shines. He also writes his own music, including a song called "Is That Human" about poverty in our society today. He even writes beyond his years!

Check out Chapman's amazing cover of Brooks' "The Dance" above and check out his YouTube channel while you're at it!

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