Just because the Band Perry singer Kimberly Perry and country cutie Jake Owen both had colds while in Nashville recently does not mean that one caught the other's germs via a make out sesh ... although the adorable singers would make quite a cute pair if they did hook up!

When the subject came up during a recent chat with KMPS, Perry dismissed any rumors and gossip about the matter. "Much to my chagrin, Jake Owen and I have not had a make out session! It was probably just our allergies," Perry said, chalking it up to a good, old-fashioned coincidence.

As the Band Perry get ready for the upcoming ACMs, where they are up for Best New Artist (which is a fan-voted award), and as they prep for a tour with Tim McGraw, Miss Perry offered an explanation about the band's headspace as they continue to takeover the country music space. Despite their good fortunes, the trio remains remarkably grounded. "Instead of walking on clouds, we're walking on some solid ground and there is this whole other sense of creative boldness that comes out of thatm and we feel an overwhelming responsibility to live up to the opportunities you have given us," Perry declared regarding the band's supporters.

No wonder the Band Perry are experiencing so much success -- they are nice, sweet kids who just so happen to possess oodles of talent.