Kyle Jennings' sturdy country voice rumbles across the rooted rock arrangement that carries "Chose to Be a Man," a coming-of-age story that follows a boy as he enlists, serves and (presumably) retires from military service.

It's a song Montgomery Gentry would have picked up if they were still a duo, but Jennings' self-written, convincing burst of patriotism fits 2018 well. The singer portrays a young man following in his father's footsteps, leaving his home for the first time on his way to basic training. The hook is strong:

"When mama took my by the hand / Said I could be anything I want to in this life / So I chose to be a man," Jennings sings.

"Chose to Be a Man" is a professional recording aimed at country radio that's likely to do well during the singer's live shows. One can't imagine him getting to the second chorus without his audience singing along like the song is a country rock classic. A scorching guitar solo bridges to the climax, where Jennings shows he's a dynamic vocalist and impassioned singer and songwriter.

Did You Know?: Jennings grew up in Kalamazoo, Mich., and was an avid hockey player before moving to Nashville in 2002.

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Kyle Jennings' "Chose to Be a Man" Lyrics:

I got my first ink when I turned 18 / I was scared as hell to get my hair buzzed clean / Couldn't wait to wear that Army green for the red, white and blue / I never been past that county line, til that plane took off and my mama cried / Dad held her close full of fear and pride for what I was gonna do.

Never had a second thought to what I was gonna be / We've been doing it now same way for years in my family.

I say Amen / I bow my head / And I believe in the flag and family just like my family did / I was just a kid / When mama took my by the hand / Said I could be anything I want to in this life / So I chose to be a man. 

I loved the same girl for most of my life / So when I came home I took her for my wife / We had a couple little ones and now I spend my time with tea parties and playing ball / Call my old fashion brother I don't care / Still open up doors and pull out chairs / Try to live in the graces of the man up stairs even though sometimes I fall. 

I've always been the type to stand on my own two feet / I do what I say, I say what I mean / I don't give a damn about what you think.

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