While the stereotypical groom is content to do his part in the marriage proposal and leave the dirty planning details to the bride-to-be, Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood said in a recent interview with People that he's enjoying the process of making arrangements for the big day.

"We will be married this year," told People of his fiancee, 29-year-old Kelli Cashiola, who works as a VP of marketing/brand management for Warner Music Nashville. "I enjoy the wedding planning and setting up where everything is going to be." Proving to be quite the romantic, Haywood surprised Cashiola in December with a winter proposal that involved spelling out the entire question "Will you marry me?" in Christmas lights. Needless to say, his sweetheart responded with a resounding "yes."

Though Haywood is the last member of Lady A to jump into the realm of marital bliss, he doesn't seem to be lacking in the way of wedded wisdom. And if he has any questions, there are two happily married bandmates who are happy to offer their thoughts on the subject.

"[Dave and I] were having a conversation the other day about learning that you have someone to lean on and you can divvy up responsibilities," Charles Kelley told People. Hillary Scott added that being in a band has actually prepared them all for making the jump, saying, "I think being in the band really helped prepare all of us for [marriage] because we all have roles that we fall in to naturally."

Though Haywood jokes that he's not taking their advice, he definitely knows where to turn if questions arise. Until then, he's content to keep busy with the band and help his wife-to-be with the details of the big day.

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