It's been said that Hillary Scott really blossoms on Lady Antebellum's new single 'Downtown.' Vocally, she's loose and having fun, trading her serious side for a silly one for several minutes. The hilarious video for the crazy catchy song follows suit and finds Scott courting trouble as a leather-clad, eyeliner-smeared baddie, looking for a good time while battling the cops, played by her bandmates Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood.

Beforehand, Kelley and Haywood are jabber jawing backstage about their best tour memories when Scott breaks up the chatter about living in the past to ask what they are doing tonight. Kelley suggests going downtown and checking a band out... without her, since she's a goody two-shoes who's regularly in bed by 9.

Scott insists she knows how to have fun, despite liking rom coms. They ditch her and she wants to get even by going out and getting so crazy with her girlfriend that they get arrested. (Let's forget that Scott is pregnant in real life, suspend disbelief and enjoy this trip 'Downtown.')

Next thing we know, Kelley and Haywood play a pair of bumbling, stumbling cops, donuts and all, while Scott goes punk rock with heavy black eyeliner, big hair and black leather. She's a total sexpot showing a little "uh uh" and she's looking for a good time while being a bada--. Who is this girl?

She battles the inept lawmen, getting up in their grills and spilling their milkshakes. She even smashes their cruiser's windshield. The action doesn't stop when the 'Downtown' video ends, either. Did Scott succeed in having so much fun that she gets cuffed? Watch and find out!