Lady Antebellum have a personal connection to the Caribbean and the devastation Hurricane Maria recently brought down to the area. The trio happened to choose Puerto Rico as the location for their new "Heart Break" video, and they're premiering it now with a special donation of $200,000 to help locals rebuild their lives.

The funds are being donated from their own LadyAID foundation via MusiCares and United for Puerto Rico.

"We got to meet so many locals and enjoy just everything that Puerto Rico has to offer and so to see all the devastation we are just completely heart broken,” frontwoman Hillary Scott explains. "We want to do everything we can to support this incredible place and these incredible people. We just hope and pray for their safety and that rebuilding happens quickly. We encourage everyone to give whatever they can to help.”

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"We have always loved traveling to the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico was one of those places we’ve always wanted to go and couldn’t have been a better location for this video,” adds Charles Kelley. "I think one of the coolest things was all of the dancing extras were just people off the street that our director found. They already just exuded that vibrant energy that’s such a part of the people and culture in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean as a whole.”

“We save a portion of every ticket out there on the road to go towards LadyAID,” notes Dave Haywood. "After spending time in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we fell in love with the area, the culture, the people and that country — it was just a beautiful beautiful place. Our hearts have been completely broken watching the devastation from all of these hurricanes. So, for us a band, we’re now personally connected to helping support those affected by the hurricanes."

Fans who would like to contribute can help by visiting LadyAID was set up in 2012 by the trio as a philanthropic effort created to bring awareness to and generate support for those in need locally, nationally and globally. The multi-level organization is a component fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and is funded by ticket sales, donations and fundraising efforts.

Lady Antebellum aren't the only country act helping out the area in this time of need. Since Hurricanes Irma and Maria blew through the Virgin Islands, Kenny Chesney has been actively helping the people there in any way that he can. The country music singer created a special foundation for the cause as well, Love for Love City. The foundation is a place where fans can donate money to help victims of the storms. He’s also writing music to tie into the organization’s theme and has a concert planned to raise funds.

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