Move over, boys -- it's Hillary Scott's turn to shine! The soon-to-be-married Lady Antebellum singer radiates on the cover of the December issue of Redbook, despite being without her Lady A counterparts Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley.

Behind the cover, Scott opens up about her relationship with her fiance, drummer Chris Tyrrell, who has essentially taken the wedding planning reigns, given Scott's busy band schedule. The Lady Antebellum trio has been on the road playing music nonstop to promote their new album, and are looking forward to getting back to Nashville for the CMA Awards on Nov. 9.

Thankfully, Scott says she will give Haywood and Kelley -- and the rest of the crew -- a break on her wedding day. "I’m not asking them to sing or play an instrument. I’m not putting anybody I love to work on my wedding day," the 'Just a Kiss' singer comments. "I even told our band and crew that I know it’s a weekend off that we would normally have, so if they want to take a vacation and not come, they’re not going to hurt my feelings."

Despite being the frontwoman of an immensely successful, Grammy award-winning group, Scott says that no victory is quite as sweet as finding the man she'll spend the rest of her life with. "Everything is brighter. Everything has a deeper meaning. I’ve found a guy who truly embraces me for who I am and appreciates the things that I don’t necessarily love about myself," she tells Redbook. "He makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin."

The issue of Redbook is on stands on Nov. 15, but before then, the magazine wants its readers to choose the cover shot of Hillary Scott that graces the magazine. Check out Redbook's Facebook page to see the other cover options and to pick your favorite.