Few things are as inherently southern as iced tea and country music. Perhaps that's why country mega-trio Lady Antebellum have partnered with the biggest tea brand in the United States, Lipton, to promote the beverage to their fans across the country. Unilever, the company that owns Lipton and works in partnership with PepsiCo, recently announced plans to unroll a giant marketing campaign with Lady Antebellum in 2012, including national ads on TV, in print, on the radio, on the Internet and more.

"Lipton is proud to partner with Lady Antebellum to bring exciting content to our fans this summer," said Marc Hanson of the Pepsi-Lipton Partnership, according to Finchannel.com. "Lipton and Lady Antebellum share a positive and approachable style, and we're excited to bring the 'Drink Positive' spirit to life -- together -- in a big way this year."

For their part, Lady A say they're big fans of Lipton. Not only did they drink it growing up, but they keep their bus well stocked when they're on tour as well. "Plus," Hillary Scott points out, "we love the 'Drink Positive' message and are excited about connecting with our fans on a whole new level through this campaign." Soon you'll see the 'American Honey' singers using their platform to promote Lipton Tea & Honey.

The six-time Grammy winners just released a music video for their single 'Dancin' Away With My Heart,' in which the three band members each open up a bit about their first dance experiences. That single, from Lady A's 2011 record 'Own the Night,' is currently sitting comfortably at No.12 on the Billboard Country Songs chart.