Three weeks ago, we reported that Lady Antebellum had opened up a competition, agreeing to come perform for 45 minutes at the prom of the high school who submitted the best video via their website. They invited YouTube submissions and promised to review them and choose their favorite, selecting that school as the lucky high school who got to have an 'Own the Night'-themed prom, complete with a Lady A concert.

Now, three weeks after the contest kicked off, the trio have made their decision. In quite an inspiring turn of events, the winning video submission from Indiana's Silver Creek High School was not a request for the band to come to their prom. Rather than asking for the honor for themselves, Silver Creek students asked Lady A to come to the prom of a neighboring high school: Henryville High School, which was pretty much destroyed during the recent tornadoes that violently swept southern Indiana.

In the winning video, students from Silver Creek take a second to show off their school before getting to the heart of their video -- they want the 'We Owned the Night' singers to skip their prom on April 28 and instead make an appearance at the Henryville High prom to help lift their spirits. Speaking of the devastating tornadoes, one of the two prom sponsors, a teacher at the school, speaks to why this night is of such importance to the community.

“It never came across our minds that we would not give these kids a prom," she explains, "and in fact, the very first thought I had was that I was going to make sure that this was the best prom that they ever had. If I had to spend my own money, they were going to have a prom.” A female student says that, for such a close community, the presence of Lady Antebellum would do a good deal to lighten the recent load.

“We are a very tight-knit community, and everybody knows each other," she says. "I didn’t lose my house, but I think for the kids who have lost their houses, it would give them hope and something to look forward to with Lady Antebellum coming to our prom.” Though Lady Antebellum have a conflicting event on the night of HSH's prom, they're planning on doing one better and throwing an even bigger event in Lousiville, Ky. for the school's juniors and seniors on May 16, following that with a benefit for the community.

Watch the Winning Submission to Lady Antebellum's 'Own the Night' Prom Contest

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