Lady Antebellum head into the studio this week to begin working on their third studio album, a follow-up to the wildly successful 'Need You Now,' which was the second best selling album of 2010.

Charles Kelley -- the trio's founding member -- says that their first two albums were recorded in breaks from the road, but that the goal this time is to be free of distractions. "We were touring between the recording process the last two times we’ve done it. We actually just went ahead and decided we’re gonna take two, two-and-a-half months straight in the studio to create this thing and not have all this distraction," he tells Entertainment Weekly. "Hopefully that will be a good thing."

But Kelley admits that their method of madness proved helpful with both their self-titled album and 'Need You Now.' "I always laugh and say that I thought we worked good in the chaos, and that was why it worked. We’ll see if having too much time, what that does to us. Hopefully it’s gonna make the process more enjoyable and not so stressful."

Kelley and his bandmates Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood are up for six Grammys next month, thanks to the success of their second album. But even with 50 songs to choose from for the upcoming album, Kelley says that Lady A are not expecting another blow-out single. “If we were to use the success of ‘Need You Now’ as the barometer for every other song, then we’ll probably be highly disappointed. That song will probably undoubtedly be the biggest song of our career," he says, adding that the band simply wants to stick to their roots. "We’re gonna try not to chase it, is what I’m sayin’. If we try to chase that too much, we’ll start to deviate from what made the sound of the group.”

As for what to expect from the upcoming album, Kelley says there will be a lot of nostalgic songs -- 'Dancing Away With My Heart' is one he mentions specifically, a song which illustrates the trio's memories of high school dances -- but the ultimate goal is to put out a decent third album. "Third records, they can be the most important ones in somebody’s career. They can kind of make and break. If people have enjoyed the first two, if you don’t come up with something special on the third one to really knock them dead, you can take a few steps back," he says, adding, "Hopefully we’ll come out swinging on this record.”

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