As one of country music's fastest-rising breakout stars, Lainey Wilson is no stranger to unusual fan interactions. But at one February show in New York, N.Y., the singer met a young girl whose story blew her away -- so much so that Wilson decided she needed her fan's autograph.

Wilson explains the whole story during a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, telling show host Kelly Clarkson that she was on stage when she spotted a sign in the crowd asking her to sign a fan's forehead.

"And I'm like, 'Absolutely. You better get up here. I'm gonna sign your forehead,'" she recounts. "But when she gets closer, I realized that a week prior, this little girl had put up a TikTok about people making fun of the way she dressed. She dressed like me at school."

The young fan, whose name is Maddie, shared the TikTok in question in January. In the video, Maddie is rocking a '70s-inspired outfit in homage to Wilson, and the text in the video explains that a group of girls at her school "pulled up my Instagram and started laughing at it and making fun of the way I dress because I like to dress like Lainey Wilson."

"So when I realized that was her, I brought her up on stage and I had her sign my forehead, too," Wilson continues. "It made my night. It did."

In fan-captured TikTok footage from the night itself, Wilson invites Maddie onstage so she can show off her retro style to the crowd. "I tell you what, I think you look pretty dang cool. What you think about it? Come on now. She looks like straight up bell bottom country," the singer said from the stage, adding "I can't believe I'm about to sign your pretty face. Are you sure?" before pulling out the marker.

Maddie was, and so after the deed was done, Wilson added, "I'm gonna have her sign my forehead. It's sweaty, but hold on."

The two then shared a hug onstage -- with their matching forehead signatures and '70s style -- before Wilson continued her show.

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