Actress and singer Laura Bell Bundy has been hard at work on her latest made-for-TV movie, 'To the Mat,' which also stars Ricky Schroder. The movie takes place around the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) lifestyle, with Schroder playing an up-and-coming wrestler from the south.

"Spandex, face paint and [Laura Bell's] personality mesh really well," Schroeder tells Taste of Country with a grin. "Laura Bell was awesome in the movie. I was so excited to have gotten to work with her."

"It's the first time I played an uptight, New York business person [in a movie]," adds Bundy. "Which is ironic because Ricky is from Brooklyn, and I'm from Kentucky. He was playing the southerner, and I was playing the New Yorker [laughs]! We had crossed accents."

Schroder, who got his acting start in 1982 when he took on the role of Ricky Stratton in the sitcom 'Silver Spoons,' says that all the moves in 'To the Mat' were done without the help of a stunt-double.

"I did wrestle in high school in my senior year," he says of his previous experience with wrestling. "It was a different kind of wrestling. I actually did learn [some] tricks [while filming the new movie] ... one was I got to go on the top rope and do a back flip, and that was pretty cool!"

"[It] was kind of scary to watch," admits Bundy. "I thought that he was going to break his head or something. It was impressive!"

'To the Mat' is slated to air on the CMT network in August. Bundy is currently working on her next musical project, which she already has about five songs recorded.

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