To say that Lauren Alaina has been having a pretty great year would be putting it lightly. Besides winning over America on 'American Idol,' the country cutie released her debut album, 'Wildflower,' last month, which has already spawned two hit singles. Now, 2012 is already shaping up to be an amazing year for the soon-to-be 17-year-old. While she remains tight-lipped about the details, Alaina can promise that there's be some exciting tour news to come.

"Some time next year, I’m going to go out on tour opening up for someone [big]," Alaina reveals to Taste of Country. "We’ll be announcing that some time coming up, but right now I'm doing a lot of promotion for my new album. I'm just trying to get my name out there a little bit more and be able to perform as much as I can."

Plenty of music fans all around the world are getting to know Alaina and her music -- so many, in fact, that her album debuted on Billboard's Top 200 chart at No. 5 and at the top of the iTunes chart. "I was at 'Good Morning America' [when I found out the chart positions]," recalls Alaina. "My mom came into the room when I was getting my makeup done. She was so excited. She was like, ‘You’re album’s No. 1 on iTunes!’ I just had a fit! I was crying, and they had to redo my makeup."

"That was really cool, especially for a new artist," she continues. "I have to thank 'American Idol' for all of that publicity because a lot of people know who I am from being on that show. Things in the past year have really been going great for me. I’ve been super blessed. I am just very thankful to all my fans and my family and everybody who’s been supporting me."

Alaina's latest single from 'Wildflower' is 'Georgia Peaches,' which is the follow-up single to her Top 40 hit 'Like My Mother Does.' Her 'Idol' co-star, Scotty McCreery, will be hitting the road with Brad Paisley in 2012.

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