Lauren Alaina found out one of the pitfalls of fame over the weekend. While trying to take advantage of Black Friday deals at Walmart and her local mall, the 17-year-old was mobbed by fans who recognized her, despite her every woman look.

In an interview with WUSY in Chattanooga, Tenn,. Alaina talked about her shopping nightmare. The singer was quick to defend her fans and pointed out that she was not angry with them. At the end of the day, she was only playfully upset with two friends who left her in a crowd of autograph seekers outside of Victoria's Secret.

The morning began at Walmart, where Alaina's friend Taylor was hoping to score a $19 printer. The blonde thought that wearing no makeup and jeans would be enough of disguise to let her get some shopping done."Wrong!" she said. "The security at Walmart came and escorted me out and stuff. They were like, 'Come on, we'll get you out.' And I didn't have to stand in line or nothing. I paid for the printer and got to leave."

At the mall, fans outed her more quickly. "It was like I was leaving bread crumbs and people were picking them up or something," the singer joked of the trail of fans in her wake.

Finally, when she was surrounded outside of Victoria's Secret, her friends decided not to wait.

"My friends left me there," Alaina said. "They were like, 'We're going to shop, see you later.'" Alaina joked that they could have at least helped take pictures.

Perhaps she would be better off taking advantage of Cyber Monday deals from the comfort of her own living room.