Lauren Alaina has a new boyfriend. The "Ladies in the '90s" singer has been dating comedian John Crist since February.

Alaina tells the Bobby Bones Show they first met after she slid into his DMs on Instagram, but it was awkward because he didn't really know who she was. During their interview — he was there, too — they addressed the 11-year age gap between them.

“I’m 35, her mom is 45, and she’s 24," Crist says (per People), "so I’m closer to her mom’s age than her. When she and her mom are arguing about stuff I’m literally in the middle like, ‘Actually your mom makes some good points.'”

Crist is known as a Christian comedian with humor that often focuses on the nuances of local churches. Alaina is a 2011 American Idol runner-up with eight singles released to radio and one No. 1 hit. Most recently she was engaged to Alex Hopkins, her boyfriend since high school. After six years they called off their engagement in January, saying they're starting fresh, new chapters of their lives.

We Thought Alaina + This Guy Were Pretty Cute Together!

After appearing on the Bobby Bones Show, Alaina and Crist took their relationship to her Instagram stories where they talked about the revelation that the singer has kept a baby names folder on her phone for several years. She argues that every girl has one, and he insinuated (playfully) that she's crazy. The banter is adorable and only interrupted by responses from her fans (most of whom took her side).

On February 11, Alaina may have let on that there was something stirring when she shared a photo of her and Crist on Instagram. It was a classic meet-and-greet photo with the caption "Does going to a @johnbcrist show make me more of a CRISTian?

The puns are sure to be out of control in that house.

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