Much like 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery did with 'The Trouble With Girls,' Lauren Alaina included her best friends in her video for 'Georgia Peaches,' which debuted this morning on CMT. The sassy, silly clip reveals the singer's sneaky and bold personality, as well as her new trimmed down figure.

In the 'Georgia Peaches' video, Alaina and her gal pals pull up to a sleepy diner at 2AM, with the famous 17-year-old driving a classic Ford Mustang. In the behind-the-scenes footage that preceded the premiere, she talked about how the car was a stick shift, like her Ford Mustang. The clutch was much more stubborn on the older version, however, and she struggled to put it in reverse before crew members just pushed the car backwards.

A new clutch wasn't the only thing she had to master for the video. Alaina reveals that it's impossible for her to sing and wink at the same time, and that sexy strutting is not something her mama taught her growing up in Rossville, Ga. It's fun to watch her practice.

"I kind of have to learn how to sassy walk, they don't like redneck walkin'," she said. "I just have to shake my booty a little bit, I guess."

Other characters in the video are a newly married couple grabbing a snack on their wedding night, a down-on-her-luck waitress, a group of high school boys that Alaina and her friends blow kisses and wave at, a street tough biker and a busboy. The busboy may be the video's second star, as he gets plenty of time show off his break dance skills in the walkways of the diner.

'Georgia Peaches' is the second single from Alaina's 'Wildflower' album, which hit stores in October. "The song just spoke to me when I heard it. I felt like I could have written it myself. I am a proud Georgia Peach!" Alaina has said in a press release. The video was filmed at the Sylvan Park Melrose, a restaurant in Nashville.

Watch the Lauren Alaina 'Georgia Peaches' Video

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