Remember when we first met Lauren Alaina in 2011? She had long, two-toned, teenager hair that was appropriate for her age. It was long and blonde at the time, with some black streaks woven throughout -- cute, but a little dated, so we were thrilled when she went for a shorter, more sophisticated 'do in the form of an angled, shoulder-skimming bob. Now, the 'Georgia Peaches' singer has tried another new look, reverting back to a longer, bigger and more glam style... and it still suits her!

"COMPLETELY changed my hair again. Would anyone care to see?(;" the 18-year-old teased late Sunday night.

Uh, that's a rhetorical question, Lauren. Of course we want to see it.

She then showed the above photos of her hair -- first curly, then straight -- comparing herself to pop diva Rihanna, who rocks a short, pixie-cropped style one day and extra long strands the next. Now that she has extensions, Alaina can be a style chameleon and change it up on a daily basis, too. It's a mega-long addition, but it flatters her pretty face. Sultry!

Since it's not permanent, the long locks can come and go as she wishes. The only constant? Alaina always, always looks adorable.

What do you think of Lauren Alaina's new look?