Lauren Alaina's country debut is more a great moment than a great song. Win or lose, the younger of the two 'American Idol' finalists will forever be remembered for the emotions she shared with her mother during the final round of the competition. On its own, 'Like My Mother Does' doesn't live up to that postcard.

Alaina is not the first to try this song as both Kristy Lee Cook and Jesse Lee have recorded versions before her. The 15-year-old's take is by far the most convincing, however. America watched as she battled her insecurities, and it's a short leap to guess Mom was there for her during some very emotional post-show moments.

"I never met a stranger / I can talk to anyone / Like my mother does / I let my temper fly / And she can walk away / When she's had enough / She sees everybody for who they really are / I'm so thankful for her guidance / She helped me get this far," she sings in the second verse. The chorus continues this well-deserved thank you card: "When I love / I give it all I got / Like my mother does / When I'm scared / I bow my head and pray / Like my mother does / When I feel weak and unpretty / I know I'm beautiful and strong / Because I see myself / Like my Mother does."

Saying the waterworks the two women shared on Tuesday night overshadows the studio version of this song shouldn't be taken as an insult to Alaina's vocal performance. In fact, she soars as the song reaches its peak at the bridge: "She's a rock / She gives grace / She's an angel / She's my heart and soul / She does it all." At this point she's just showing off, but throws in a cathartic key change and extra chorus anyway.

There's just nowhere left to climb with this song. It's possible 'Like My Mother Does' won her the competition, but once those memories fade away the song's impact may go with it.

Listen to Lauren Alaina, 'Like My Mother Does'