Fear of heights? Not Lauren Alaina. The singer conquered some pretty big heights recently when she took the plunge and went skydiving in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In a YouTube clip posted by the company who brought her up in the clouds, Alaina is seen sitting with her tandem instructor on the airplane, goggles on and ready to go. She introduces herself to the camera and then says, "I'm apparently about to jump out of a plane."

She and her instructor agree they're going to "fall with style," and the country singer does just that.

Alaina has her arms crossed when they first reach the plane door, and you can see her mouthing the words "oh my gosh" as she starts her descent. Her hair blows in the wind and her instructor has her get a little more comfortable in the clouds by lifting her arms up. The 'American Idol' runner-up is all smiles as the parachute deploys and they fall to Earth while high-fiving.

As they approach the ground, the instructor asks her, "Was it awesome or what?"

"Yes," she says, quietly taking in the moment. "It is so awesome."

Alaina removes her goggles as they get closer to the ground and she tells the instructor she's ready to do a spin. After the first spin, she quickly wants to do it again.

"I just jumped out of a freaking plane," she says when she's finally on the ground. "This is the coolest thing ever!" She even admits she wants to do it again. If you can't see the excitement in the video, you can definitely feel it in the tweet she sent following the experience:

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