Country cutie Lauren Alaina gets "tipped," er, ticked off when diners don't leave tips. The singer, who worked at CiCi's Pizza in Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.while in high school, recalled the difficulties and stresses of working in the service sector. But people who skip out on tips get deepest under her skin, because she saw how much it upset her mother, who is a former waitress. Needless to say, the teen is full of empathy for wait staffers.

Alaina, who recently returned to CiCi's to film an episode of GAC's 'Day Jobs,' told Country Weekly about the pet peeve, saying, "My mom was a waitress when I was a little girl, and people would not tip sometimes and I would see her cry." How sad...and cheap!

But it's not just seeing that happen to her own flesh and blood that makes the 'Georgia Peaches' singer cringe. She was recently dining out on tour and saw the same thing happen to a young waitress who couldn't have been more than 18 and was serving a party of at least 20. "Later on, I saw her crying and I asked our waitress what was wrong," Alaina recalled. "She said that the people at that table got up and didn't leave her a tip. I felt so bad, because I used to see that happening to my mom. So, I handed the girl about 60 dollars. People just shouldn't do that to a waitress."

The waitress' tears have turned Alaina into generous tipper herself. We bet she leaves more than 25 percent! "I tip better than just about anybody I know," she declared. "I bet people in my town love it when they see me walk through the door."

She continued, "Those servers work very hard all day long and they depend on those tips."

Lauren Alaina sounds like a real advocate for server's rights, doesn't she?