Lauren Alaina may have given her dad the best Father's Day gift ever this weekend. The former 'American Idol' contestant called him on stage to accompany her on the guitar as she sang a few songs. The real gift -- for concert attendees and Alaina's father -- was their father/daughter rendition of 'When You Say Nothing at All.'

Before 17-year-old Alaina snagged the runner-up spot on the 10th season of 'American Idol,' she used to play small venues in her hometown of Rossville, Ga. Now the rising country star has seen some big success and played to some jam-packed stadiums, but she made it clear Saturday night at the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga that she hasn't forgotten her roots.

"Everybody likes surprises, right?," Alaina said to a cheering crowd. "Well, um, before I tried out for 'American Idol,' I used to sing around town a lot, and, um, this really special person in my life would play the guitar for me. And that person is my daddy. He's gonna come out here and play a couple of songs for me, so y'all give it up for my daddy, J.J."

J.J. walked out, picked up a guitar and expertly started strumming the chords of 'When You Say Nothing at All.' By the time Alaina started singing the first chorus, her father was starting to choke up, and of course his daughter called him out.

“Don’t you cry daddy! Don’t you do it!" Alaina warned. J.J. kept his cool, and the duo made it through the song without any hang-ups. They enveloped each other in a huge hug after Alaina sang the last note.

The 'Georgia Peaches' singer put us all to shame yesterday, but we're glad that Alaina's supportive dad could have a special Father's Day gift, even though his teenage daughter spends so much time on the road building her country music career. Check out the touching clip of the song below!

Watch Lauren Alaina and Her Dad Play 'When You Say Nothing at All'

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