This song was a long time coming for Lauren Mascitti. "If I Can Lose You" is the original the country singer chose to audition with on American Idol, and she promised fans she'd record an official version one day. With a new music video, she's done one better.

The acoustic performance video of "If I Can Lose You" debuts for fans of Mascitti's exclusively on Taste of Country. The beautiful waltz recalls her first timid moments in front of Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie while showing how much she's grown since that audition. She'd rise to become a Top 20 finalist in 2020.

After the show ended, Mascitti returned to her job as a nurse, helping patients with COVID-19. The Nashville resident continued to write and record new songs, but struggled to gather musicians needed to cut the song and this live music video. Her patience paid off. The country traditionalist's lilting vocals are matched with warm harmonies and light acoustic guitars and dobro. It's a vocal showcase that provides viewers and Idol fans with a great reminder of why the judging trio liked her so much.

Renee Martin co-wrote "If I Can Lose You" with Mascitti. She and Josh Matheny also appear in this music video. It's the first song Mascitti has released since the jazzy "One Life Stand" in 2021. Prior to that, she shared her God Made a Woman album to critical acclaim.

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