More than 15 years into her career, LeAnn Rimes has seemingly come into her own as artist, wife and step-mother of two, striking an important balance between her work and personal life. In an interview with radio station 1130 the Tiger, the Grammy Award-winning singer spoke candidly about the importance of the quality relationships in her life.

"We had our ups and downs for sure," says Rimes, speaking about her longtime label home, Curb Records. "I always had an open relationship with the head of the label. It's definitely been a great ride."

Despite the self-professed functioning business relationship, the singer is quick to divulge that her next studio album is the last contractually-obligated project with the Nashville-based label. With that information in mind, Rimes assures listeners the new album is anything but a rushed project to fulfill a business contract.

"I'm working on a new record ... we're finishing up. I love it," she confesses. "I've written two-thirds of it. It's super fun and heartbreaking and all the emotions in between. It's called 'Spitfire.'"

As she wraps recording in the upcoming summer months, the Texas native will also stay busy traveling the country. Even with her legion of loyal fans, Rimes admits that her favorite place to perform may be a more personal, intimate venue.

The singer spilled that her two young stepsons are fascinated by her career. "I always -- at least once a year -- have them ask to sing or their class," she spills. "They want me to sing for their class. It's fun to be able to do that."

When she and her husband Eddie Cibrian -- who just celebrated their one-year anniversary -- are not visiting the local elementary schools, the happy family can be found on the road together. "They come on tour sometimes," Rimes shares on bringing the kid on tour. "They love the tour bus. It's like a jungle gym for them."

But what can fans expect for the string of shows leading up to the release of Rimes' next project? "We've broken things down into an intimate setting," says the 'Crazy Women' singer. "I encourage people to talk to me -- open dialogue with my fans."

"It's more of a singer-songwriter 'Storytellers' situation, where I play stuff off 'Lady & Gentleman,' stuff off the new album and some the hits," says Rimes. "It's a wide variety of things."

Fans who are unable to wait until November for 'Spitfire' to hit stores can catch Rimes previewing new tracks live. The singer will continue to tour the country through the end of the year. Click here for tour dates and ticket information.