Lee Brice has a new single headed for country radio, and he says the emotional gut-punch of the song compares to that of one of his biggest hits, "I Drive Your Truck."

Taste of Country caught up with Brice in Las Vegas in the days leading up to the 2017 ACM Awards, where he revealed that his next single is titled "Boy."

"It's kind of like when I heard 'Truck,' it just stopped me ... floored me," Brice says. "That's what this song did."

"Boy" is slated for release around May 15, and it's actually the only song on Brice's forthcoming album that he did not write. The lyrics frame a conversation from father to son, and the singer-songwriter promises it packs an emotional wallop.

"I find these songs, I've been so fortunate ... I find one like that, that everybody's just kinda gonna go, 'What?! Wow.' Those are the song I'm looking for, and it's one of them," he tells us.

Brice himself is the father of two young boys, Takoda and Ryker, and he and his wife Sara are expecting their third child in the summer of 2017. In January they revealed that their new arrival will be a girl.

Brice's upcoming album features a collaboration with one of his heroes, Edwin McCain, and he hints that other collaborations are in the works. His American Made Tour with Justin Moore is slated to wrap in April.

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