Lee Brice's 'I Don't Dance' album hits on Sept. 9, and the singer is amping up excitement with a brand new single. Brice stopped by 'The Late Show With David Letterman' to debut 'Drinking Class' on Tuesday (Sept. 2).

But before Brice performed on the late night TV show, Letterman took a few minutes to introduce the singer -- and it was quite an introduction!

"Our next guest is a Grammy-nominated country singer-songwriter and musician," the host begins in the clip. "His forthcoming album entitled 'I Don't Dance' will be in stores next week. Please welcome Lee Brice."

For his performance, Brice stood with his band wearing what we can only assume is his favorite material: denim. For a casual appearance, the singer sported denim jeans with a denim jacket and a backwards ball cap, strumming a couple of chords on his guitar, accompanied by a piano, before pausing to start 'Drinking Class' live.

Brice's song celebrates hardworking men and women who get up early and work hard every day. Although the song starts out mellow, the chorus allows the country star to pick up speed and energy and really get the celebration going. It's one of the songs on Brice's new album that lets his vocals take the spotlight.

After finishing the song on 'Letterman,' Brice's smile said it all. And apparently he and Letterman have a thing or two in common.

"I don't dance either, for God's sake," Letterman says before telling the crowd that he, Brice, and the band, would be hitting the town "to fight." Too bad there's not video footage of that!

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