Lee Brice and his hit song 'I Drive Your Truck" were big winners for Song of the Year at the 2014 ACM Awards.

After planting a big kiss on wife Sara, Brice bounded on stage only to hand the mic over to Connie Harrington, one of the song's writers.

"This is not for me," said Brice as he pulled Harrington to the front. "It comes from the writers."

Harrington was obviously moved by the song's win, thanking everyone who made the song possible as well has her own family. And she didn't forget to pay respect to the servicemen and women who inspired the song.

'I Drive Your Truck' is about a man driving his brother's truck after he has died in action while in the U.S. Army. Written with Jessi Alexander and Jimmy Yeary, Harrington was inspired to write the song after she heard a radio interview with the father of a serviceman who was killed in Afghanistan while trying to save a fellow soldier.

'I Drive Your Truck' also won Song of the Year at the 2013 CMA Awards in November.

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