If 'The Price Is Right' TV show host Drew Carey accidentally slips up and starts calling his show 'The Brice Is Right,' we will know who to blame!

This Thursday, March 31, Lee Brice is the show's special guest in preparation for the 46th annual Academy of Country Music awards show, which airs this Sunday on CBS. Brice's appearance on the game show is something that he was thrilled to be part of, and he won't be forgetting it any time soon.

"I was kind of a presenter," Brice reveals to Taste of Country of his role on the show. "I was there doing the stuff where they say, ‘And you’re going to love your new truck!’ and the door opens. I was kind of that guy. It was really fun."

Even if it was just for the afternoon, Brice did manage to have some pull over Carey and what he called the show for that afternoon. "I got him to rename the show a couple of times to 'The Brice Is Right,'" Brice says with a grin. "It was really cool!"

Look for Brice on Sunday's ACMs, where he is nominated three times for his hit song 'Love Like Crazy.' His current single, 'Beautiful Every Time,' is at radio now.