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Let me start off by saying that Lee Brice is the man! I love his energy and enthusiasm for life and country music. He was scheduled for an early morning in-studio visit, and he showed up extra early and was ready to roll and tell us about a ton of things he has going on.

He is riding a four-in-a-row streak of No. 1 songs. As he releases his latest song, "Soul," I wondered if he had any superstitions going to keep his streak alive. Usually in sports, when they have a certain streak going, they are very particular about doing things the exact same way so they can continue the streak. Lee had a very good answer to this, which you can hear on Taste of Country Nights, On Demand Episode 14.

Lee and I also spoke about the craziest place he has ever been when he heard one of his songs on the radio. I love asking this question because I always get a great answer, and Lee didn't disappoint with his!

As for his new song that he just released, "Soul," Lee says he knows it's a good one because one of his uncles that he hasn't spoken with in like 20 years randomly called him to tell him he thinks the song is amazing and it's going to be a No. 1 song for sure.

There's a bonus on this episode — an interview I did with Chris Janson. This one was done with Chris to talk about his new song, "Bye Mom," which if you know about it and have heard it, it's a real tear-jerker. Chris was telling us how he co-wrote the song that was started by a songwriter friend of his who recently had lost their mother. One of the things I wanted to know, was if Chris' mom had heard the song and how she felt about it. He had a great answer that involves his wife, that you can hear on Taste of Country Nights, On Demand Episode 14.

Chris was also telling us about his next project and when we can expect it, and he reveals a huge collaboration to us that will be on the album ... it's up to you to put the two and two together and figure it out. I'm excited for you to hear both of these interviews, and as always, thanks so much for listening.

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