For fans, the Grammy Awards are a three-hour commitment -- less if the show gets boring. For artists, it's a three-day-long journey around Los Angeles. Little Big Town have been in L.A. since Thursday. They've got their families with them as they play shows, make media rounds and try to take in the city like true professionals. "Try" being the key word.

"Yesterday when we were going somewhere and I was standing outside waiting for someone to pick us up," Kimberly Schlapman tells Taste of Country, continuing with great enthusiasm, "Halle Berry walked by me! That was priceless!"

"I wanted to squeeze Halle Berry when she walked by," she adds. "But I didn't."

With three kids under five, the Grammy-nominated quartet are always balancing the glamor of being country stars with the more humble moments every parent knows. The group has partnered with Mastercard to document their weekend via Facebook and Twitter.

There are more than a few non-country artists each member is looking forward to meeting at the Grammys this weekend, and they revealed how they'll react if 'Pontoon' is named the winner for Best Country Duo/Group Performance. Someone is gonna get misty, but it's probably not who you think it will be.

ToC: What is more stressful, the days leading up to the Grammys or the days before your wedding?

LBT: [laugh] I think the Grammys.

Kimberly Schlapman: We all had pretty low-key weddings, so I would say the Grammys.

What does your schedule look like -- and is Sunday dedicated to sleeping in, relaxing and getting ready?

Karen Fairchild: It doesn't really work that way with little kiddos out with us. They're on central time.

KS: My little one woke up at 5:50 and she's like "Mommy! Mommy!"

How are your kids dealing with Mom and Dad being nominated for Grammys?

KS: They don't care [all laugh].

KF: They would care if we were gonna meet Mickey Mouse at the Grammys, or Elmo. But yeah, they don't understand.

Surely the older ones have favorite artists who might be there?

LBT: Taylor Swift, and Taylor Swift, and Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves now.

KF: And Carrie Underwood. And probably a little Katy Perry.

KS: Keith Urban.

Phillip Sweet: Their musical tastes are diverse.

Are there moments when you take the stage or walk down the red carpet and you're thinking, "If people only knew what I was doing just a few minutes ago..."?

KF: Oh, I think about it all the time. I think about if people only knew what was underneath this dress [all laugh]. The Spanx. It's like a prescription under there, you know?

KS: We've all walked on stage with baby spit-up on our shoulders. There's a lot to keep us grounded.

Who are you excited to meet?

KF: Tomorrow (Feb. 9). We're doing a luncheon as part of the Grammy deal for our record label and we're sharing the stage with Florence the Machine and Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees. It's just a really diverse group of artists. I'd love to meet Florence, I'm a fan. I love the Imagine Dragons record, so that's gonna be exciting.

Jimi Westbrook: I'm excited to see the Justin Timberlake thing, too.

KS: Oh yeah, that's gonna be amazing I'm sure.

What's he doing?

KS: It's just like his comeback.

KF: We've been hearing some rumors and I think it's gonna be pretty mind-blowing.

If you win the Grammy, who in the group is most likely to be a blubbering mess?

PS: Probably me. I cried at 'March of the Penguins,' so … [all laugh]

KF: It is probably Phillip.

JW: When we won a CMA Award, Phillip got a little teary there.

KS: So did you!

JW: I did, too, but Phillip cried the longest.

KS: I'll cry when I can unzip my dress and release my lungs [all laugh].

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