Little Big Town are expanding their repertoire with an upcoming Christmas album.

The band behind the immensely popular "Girl Crush" hit will be recording their first ever holiday album this year. LBT's Phillip Sweet revealed that the talented group will begin recording the album this month.

Although there's no official word on what type of songs the foursome will be recording, Sweet says they are planning to incorporate both classic Christmas songs and never-before-heard medleys.

“I think you have to really address the classics,” he says during a chat with ABC News Radio. “I think that’s what people want to hear. Of course, we want to do some originals.”

While Little Big Town will record some of the four-part harmonies they are known for, they are also going to reveal some surprises. “We always want to do something a little different, but always still fresh but at the same time familiar and beautiful," Phillip shares.

Fans can look forward to hearing their beautiful renditions of classic songs as well as new holiday tunes later this year. There's no release date just yet, but the group promises to keep fans updated about the progress via their website.

LBT have been burning up the country countdown list with "Girl Crush," which is one of the best-selling country songs of the year so far. For more information about LBT's upcoming tour dates and album information, visit their website.

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