It takes some serious chops to cover a Fleetwood Mac song -- any Fleetwood Mac song. But at Wednesday's (June 5) CMT Music Awards, Little Big Town proved that they can cross genres and make any song sound great.

Before LBT stepped onto the dark, smoky stage, Keith Urban appeared in the crowd at the CMT Music Awards to introduce the foursome and sing their praises. As soon as he finished the introduction, Jimi Westbrook kicked off the performance by perfectly replicating Stevie Nix's iconic voice.

The rest of the group chimed in with unmatched harmonies and musicianship. Just when viewers thought the performance couldn't get any better, Urban ascended through an opening in the stage to execute an incredible guitar solo.

Urban, Westbrook, Philip Sweet and LBT's backing band spent a solid 90 seconds rocking out together in a way that would surely make Fleetwood Mac proud.

For the first time at the 2013 CMT Music Awards, the crowd seemed practically speechless. Even Hunter Hayes and Taylor Swift seemed mesmerized by LBT's ability not only to cover 'The Chain' -- but also to do it justice.

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