Kimberly Schlapman and Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town each shared their favorite songs from the band's upcoming Nightfall studio album. Phillip Sweet tried to join in, but he kind of got shushed.

Secret-keeping may not be the bass singer's specialty, although he swears he wasn't going to overshare information about the music video for a song called "Sugar Coat."

"It's basically a mini-movie," he tells Taste of Country after naming Lori McKenna as a co-writer.

If you want more than that, you'll need to get through Fairchild.

The "Over Drinking" singers visited with Taste of Country prior to their set at Hometown Rising on Sept. 14, where they were eager to talk new music. We were eager to hear about songs like the ninth studio album's title track, "Sugar Coat" and "Problem Child."

"'Problem Child' is my favorite song on the whole record," Schlapman says. "It will take your breath when you hear the story of this song. The title is 'Problem Child,' but it's about the fact that we all are in this together. We all at one point felt like the problem child. And the question in the song is, 'What's your problem, child?'"

Sweet adds that the arrangement is little more than strings and piano. "It's cinematic," he says, using a word the band keeps coming back to in describing Nightfall (ready in 2020) as a whole.

Overall, Little Big Town describes this self-produced record as more organic than previous albums like The Breaker (2017) and Tornado (2012). Watch the above video to learn more, including some confirmation that the women of Little Big Town can more than hold their own at the after-party alongside pros like the Cadillac Three, Midland and Brothers Osborne.

"Just ask Luke Bryan," Fairchild quips. He wasn't available, but we did ask someone who knows a thing or two about partying.

See Pictures of Little Big Town at Hometown Rising: 

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