Little Big Town were asked to draw their spirit animal. They got a little off track, but the end result is just as cute as cute can be.

Watch as singer Karen Fairchild decides to make Kimberly Schlapman her canvas for this digital drawing. The country group sat down to talk with Taste of Country prior to their set at Hometown Rising in Louisville, Ky., in September, and afterward got creative with an iPad and stylus. We're loving the detail!

Little Big Town are one of several artists asked to draw their spirit animal. Luke Bryan is another, and you can see his drawing below:

During the interview, the group spilled the tea on their new album Nightfall, due in early 2020. "The Daughters" and "Over Drinkin'" are the two songs fans have heard from the project so far, but the self-produced project will have some real depth to it.

"'Problem Child' is my favorite song on the whole record," Schlapman says. "It will take your breath when you hear the story of this song. The title is 'Problem Child,' but it's about the fact that we all are in this together. We all at one point felt like the problem child. And the question in the song is, 'What's your problem, child?'"

Little Big Town will also begin the Nightfall Tour in 2020.

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