Little Big Town show a darker side of the white picket fence dream in the music video for their new song "Sugar Coat," a song penned by Lori McKenna, Josh Kerr and Jordyn Shellhart.

In "Sugar Coat," Little Big Town sing about a woman stuck in an unhappy marriage: "Sometimes I hardly can stand it / I just smile with a lump in my throat / Sometimes I wish I could bear it / Didn't have to wear this sugar coat," LBT member Karen Fairchild sings in the chorus.

The "Sugar Coat" music video features actress Kate Bosworth, who plays a character reminiscent of Mad Men's Betty Draper. The woman suspects her husband of having an affair with a neighbor but has to maintain the image of having a perfect life — until, that is, she sees it for herself.

The idea of a beautiful woman who keeps a smile on her face despite the heartbreak she suffers is all too familiar. Although the clip is set in the mid-20th century, fans have taken to social media to praise Little Big Town's powerful new song, and how it still hits home for some.

Writes one fan, "That was my life for 17 years! I’m not wearing that coat anymore."

"Sugar Coat" follows Little Big Town's single "The Daughters," which was recently nominated for a Grammy, and "Over Drinking." All three songs are from the country quartet's upcoming album, Nightfall, due out on Jan. 17.

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