Little Big Town's new album The Breaker is, with one or two exceptions, a polished folk-country album that leans hard into subtle statements and feel-good messages.

Sonically it's closer to Wanderlust, their 2016 pop album produced by Pharrell Williams, than it is Pain Killer or Tornado. The first seven songs are especially slick. Big moods built on long harmonic melodies dominate. The Breaker is album full of ballads that find Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook taking lead most of the time.

Heart-stopping drama is replaced by ethereal ideas early on. Songs like "Lost in California" and "The Breaker" don't demand you stop and listen as much as offer an invitation. There is a reward for taking the time — LBT do nostalgia well on "Free" and "We Went to the Beach." "Drivin' Around" is reminiscent of the Beatles that once explored creates a lens through which to listen to the remaining 11 songs.

"Happy People" is the signature song of the project. The uptempo, vibe-y reminder to just be nice to people would be timed perfectly as a second single. "Love" is in right now. Songs that feel like a hug will win and this contagious jam is a squeeze from your dearest auntie.

Key Tracks: "Happy People," "Free," "Better Man," "Beat Up Bible"

Did You Know?: Songwriter Lori McKenna wrote "Happy People." Previously she wrote "Girl Crush" for the group. She also wrote Tim McGraw's "Humble and Kind."

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