Stop the search, because Luke Bryan's biggest fan has been identified. Sure, the country star has a massive following, but it'd be rare to find someone who loves Bryan as much as this ridiculously sweet 3-year-old.

In this entirely too cute video, this adorable little girl is occupied with getting clean, but really just has one thing on her mind: Luke Bryan! She's enjoying her bath, but is trying to just get one thing across to her father, who doesn't seem to understand — at least he's making it seem that way. Adrian Finley, an Alabama mom of two, posted the funny video to her Twitter page, and the world instantly fell in love with her daughter.

"Luke Bryan" she says over and over ... but her dad just can't comprehend. He tries to decode her toddler speech, asking, "Lil' bunny?" The girl becomes frustrated, saying louder: "Luke Bryan!"

"Look funny?" her dad asks, still trying to understand her (we think he's taking her for a ride).

She says it a few more times, very patiently looking up at her dad with big brown eyes.
"What?" he asks before finally guessing correctly. "Luke Bryan?" he asks his daughter. Upon hearing this, she gets very excited.

"Yeah!" she exclaims with her toothbrush in hand. "I love him! Like, oh my gosh!"

She then lets out the cutest little giggle and has the biggest smile on her face. There may not be anything cuter this LB fan, who reminds us of this little guy, who couldn't quite say "Miranda Lambert." Watch the video above — we bet you'll agree.

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