Life felt like anything but a party for LoCash before they co-wrote their new single, "Feels Like a Party," with Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard.

The uptempo, feel-good party song has a surprisingly deep story behind the lyrics. LoCash (Chris Lucas and Preston Brust) were at a career crossroads. Momentum from three hits from The Fighters album stalled with "Don't Get Better Than That," a rocker that didn't crack the Top 40. Suddenly they were looking for a fourth record label to call home, something that's unheard of for an act that hopes to remain relevant. Yet here they are on Jason Aldean's label, with one of the hottest songwriters in town behind them and a song that became an easy Top 40.

“We don’t talk about ourselves much, but I’ll give credit to Chris and I that we’ve learned from every record deal," Brust tells Taste of Country. "The mistakes we made, the mistakes they made. We learned how to better navigate to the next step that we want to be at."

Corey Crowder helped LoCash and Hubbard write "Feels Like a Party." It's a song that played well during the Pepsi Tailgate Tour in 2018 and promises to do the same during their 2019 tour. Country's favorite blue-collar duo always bring a set list with them that's highly caffeinated.

You wrote “Feels Like a Party” with Tyler from Florida Georgia Line. How long have you known those guys?
Chris Lucas: Oh, we’ve been friends for a long, long time.
Preston Brust: Tyler has told me stories about how he’d come to our shows before he was even in Florida Georgia Line.
CL: He’s brilliant. He’s got his hands in a lot of stuff, and his business mind is fantastic too. This was just the transition song to — we were switching labels. We felt like we hit a ceiling with our old independent label and now we wanted to level up a little bit, and BBR is a big level up.

Who brought the hook for “Feels Like a Party”?
PB: Well, there’s a lot of drama. You can get sucked into the drama and the jadedness of the town.
CL: Especially with us moving to another label.
PB: We’re in meetings with attorneys and nothing is going too great, and it doesn’t look like the deal is going to happen the way you want it to happen, and then all of a sudden there is light over at BBR and they want to sign you and then that feels good, but you’re still dealing with that other stuff, and so we’re in the middle of it.
CL: I think we were telling that story and Tyler was like, ‘That’s more like a party. That feels like a party rather than getting all upset.’
PB: Yeah, he said, 'It sounds like you guys are going the right direction right now.'
CL: I think that’s how it started, and then it was like ‘Oh, OK,' and a little light above our heads comes on (Laughs).
PB: It felt like a party when we wrote it. It felt like a party when we recorded it and then all of a sudden here comes Pepsi Tailgate Tour and the NFL and BBR and the new single ...
CL: It was more like champagne problems, you know what I mean?

Did you write any other songs with Tyler or BK?
PB: Yeah we did, we wrote like three or four of ‘em.

For your album? For their album?
PB: Actually, there’s a song called “Brothers” that’s probably going to be the name of the album. We wrote that with Tyler and Corey as well.

Do you remember the first time you met Tyler and BK?
CL: Yep, they opened up for us.
PB: Lynchburg, Va.
CL: To be honest with you, people were like ‘These guys are like you guys, they love you guys. Go watch ‘em.’ And I watched them and was like, ‘Meh.’
PB: You could tell there was something special about them, and you didn’t know what it was. “Cruise” wasn’t out yet. I don’t even know if they had written it yet. And people were saying the same thing about us.
CL: We saw them a year after that when “Cruise” went humongous, and I looked at Tyler and was like, ‘I don’t know what you guys did and I do know money will make everything better, but wow!’
PB: Unbelievable.
CL: Hard work will do that, too. You do that every day and you’re gonna get better at it.

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