Lonestar recently performed live in the studio at WYCD, popping off renditions of the unforgettable 'What About Now' and the achingly beautiful 'Making Memories.' During a live, in-between-song chat, the band also recalled their 'Price is Right' experience, where they performed and joked that vocalist-guitarist Cody Collins was the prize for some lucky Showcase Showdown contestant.

However, in reality, the winner won a ton of booty -- including all the band’s gear from performing on the show -- and got to fly to San Diego to see Lonestar perform, hang out with the band on the bus and watch sound check. But it was just as incredible of an experience for Lonestar themselves, since they got to rub elbows with the show’s new host -- and Bob Barker’s replacement -- Drew Carey.

"We got hang out with Drew Carey," Lonestar said. "Out of all the big stars we met over the years, he was truly the coolest." Carey is also a huge Lonestar fan, which the band didn't know. Between commercial breaks, Carey was interviewing the band, telling them to "play this, play that" and told the audience, "This isn't just any band. They are the biggest baby making band of all time."

Baby making music aside, Lonestar also recalled a major verbal gaffe that Collins committed in Motor City when playing the Downtown Hoedown show.

Apparently, Collins went on stage and said, "How y'all doing, Chicago." That's a nightmare that tortures the dreams of most frontmen, and Collins certainly ate crow over it. The band tried to play it off by saying someone dared them to do it, but it turns out Collins had Chicago on the brain after chatting with his mom and telling her about the places he'd been playing. Sure he did!

Whatever the case, Detroit has forgiven Collins for his mouth's mistake, thanks to his incredible on-air performance last week.