Loretta Lynn has canceled shows scheduled in Oklahoma this weekend, as an injury she sustained over the long Labor Day weekend is making it too difficult for her to perform. The injury was something of a freak accident.

"I’m like an accident waiting to happen these days," Lynn says, announcing the news on Facebook. "I was trying to get my guitar down out of my closest and the dang thing fell on top of me causing me to fall into my dresser."

Lynn suffered through a concert at the Hurricane Mills Ranch, but the next day, she learned she'd broken two ribs when the guitar fell on her. "We are rescheduling the shows now, I hate more than anything to have to miss shows, but it’s something you just have to do," she adds.

The next scheduled shows for the 81-year-old are in Florida Sept. 13-15. She has a busy touring schedule through the end of 2013, including a trip to Canada for five shows in October.

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