Hospitalizations make an unfortunate appearance on the 10 most read stories this week. Both Loretta Lynn and Marie Osmond took ill, but both seem to be on the road to recovery. Friends and family of Billy Ray Cyrus may be wondering if he should see a doctor of a different kind, as his picture of an alleged alien spacecraft left fans scratching their heads.

There was good news to be found as a country newcomer announced her engagement, and Trace Adkins shared that his family would finally be moving on after the fire that destroyed their house five months ago. None of these artists could top Jason Aldean and Scotty McCreery this week, however. The two country men duked it out in a way not seen before on Taste of Country.

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    Miranda Lambert Refuses Airport Body Scanner, Takes the TSA Pat-Down

    “Dear Airports. You suck," Miranda Lambert tweeted after getting the airport patdown before a flight this week. Instead of walking through the invasive body scanner, Lambert chose the TSA body rub and, like many passengers, didn't like how they treated her. It sounds like it was quite a star-studded flight, but no word if any of the other country talent onboard got the full-frisky.

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    Julianne Hough Shows Off New Hair

    The country singer and 'Dancing With the Stars' pro showed off a head of new hair at the Hollywood Film awards this week. In this photo gallery, you'll see a shorter cut for the love of Ryan Seacrest's life. It's a more revealing look at the pretty blue eyes she'd previously kept hidden behind her long, straight locks.

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    Billy Ray Cyrus Shares Picture of UFO Sighting

    It's been a year of strange headlines for Billy Ray Cyrus, and he's not helping. The singer took a photo of what he believed to be a UFO nd posted it on his Twitter page. We're going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just kidding around instead of believing he thinks little green men came from space for an abduction. Although, has anyone seen Miley Cyrus lately?

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    Marie Osmond Rushed to the Hospital

    Marie and her brother Donny have a residency at a hotel in Las Vegas, but before a show this week she was rushed to the hospital with what was being called a lung issue. It was later revealed to be a much more common malady, and it sounds like with some treatment the 52-year-old is going to be all right.

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    Lonestar Reunite With Richie McDonald for New Album, 2012 Tour

    Richie McDonald split with Lonestar in 2007, and since then neither he nor the group have done all they've wanted to do musically. It's been a struggle, so to celebrate their 20th anniversary, McDonald and his one-time bandmates are reuniting for a tour and a brand-new album. Four dates have been announced so far.

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    Trace Adkins Shares Picture of Fire-Ravaged House Coming Down

    After his house burned down, Trace Adkins said he wanted to get the blight quickly torn down so he could rebuild and his family could get back to normal. Well, it took nearly five months, but the charred remains of his home were hauled away this week. Adkins tweeted a picture of demolition crews doing their best to clear the property quickly.

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    Loretta Lynn is 'Doing Well' After Hospitalization

    Lynn had to cancel a few shows after being diagnosed with the early stages of pneumonia, but is otherwise doing well in her recovery. Her official website did a nice job quickly updating fans who were understandably worried about the country legend. We now know that she's recovering at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tenn.

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    Loretta Lynn Hospitalized With Pneumonia

    One of the most influential women in country music history gave fans a scare last Saturday. Loretta Lynn woke up on her tour bus with trouble breathing. She was rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia and quickly postponed two shows. Readers showed understandable concern for Lynn, and this story was among the most commented on this week.

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    Edens Edge's Hannah Blaylock Gets Engaged

    Blaylock shared all the details of how her boyfriend Justin popped the question, and we must admit, it is rather romantic. There's a beach involved and some sand writing ... well, she tells the story better than us, so click the link to find out when the happy couple will get hitched and what the boyfriend kept hidden in his pocket until later.

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    Jason Aldean vs. Scotty McCreery - The Showdown

    The first ever Taste of Country Showdown proved to be quite the hot topic this week. New songs from Jason Aldean and Scotty McCreery were matched against each other, and it was up to fans of each to decide which artist would move on to face next week's competitor. As of now McCreery has a healthy lead on Aldean, but fans still have the weekend to vote.