Loretta Lynn is known for being an unapologetic songwriter. This list of her most controversial songs proves that if people were thinking something, but too afraid to say it, she'd step up and provide a microphone.

Birth control, loss of virginity, infidelity and fist-fighting — Lynn sang about these topics like men today sing about trucks and girls in painted-on blue jeans. "The Pill" is the singer's most well-known controversial song, but that was hardly the first time she released something radio stations deemed unfit for airplay.

And most of them became hits anyway.

"Fist City," "Rated X" and "Wings Upon Your Horns" are three more controversial songs on this list of Loretta Lynn's most jaw-dropping songs. Even late in her career she was stirring it up with songs like "Women's Prison," from her Van Lear Rose album.

"I'm in a women's prison / With bars all around / I caught my darlin' cheating / That's when I shot him down," she sang without remorse at the age of 72.

For 50 years Lynn has been releasing sharp, pointed country music truths to her fans and many who didn't want to hear it. More than any female artist, she blazed a trail. When you listen to Miranda Lambert sing "Gunpowder and Lead" without batting an eyelash, ask yourself where we would be without country's Queen.

Loretta Lynn: Pics Through the Years

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