The key to Lucas Hoge's new music video for the song "Get Lost" is not getting found. The singer's mischievous storyline finds him sneaking around a drive-in theater with a love interest.

It all looks like something 100 percent possible during a pandemic, when businesses are closed a little early and security might be a little soft. There's no foul play or harm done in this video, premiered exclusively on Taste of Country. Instead the singer and his brunette beauty open the theater for a private viewing, complete with freshly popped popcorn.

"When it came time to make the video for 'Get Lost,'" Hoge says, "I knew I wanted to incorporate a drive-in theater to project different places for us to get lost in. Josh Shreve directed it and brought my vision to life even better than I imagined."

The pair start off outside the Nashville area drive-in, and then sneak inside before finding the ticket and concession booths were left open. As night falls, he figures out how to work the projector, and it makes for a perfectly dangerous date night. The singer is beyond excited to be able to share it with fans this spring.

"After a long year of crazy, all I could think about was packing up and heading out to get lost anywhere, and that's exactly what inspired this song," he says. "I think so many of us are ready to find the next chapter in our lives, and I hope this song can help you find it."

Hoge's independent catalog includes popular Spotify streamers like "Power of Garth" and "Boom Boom." He stayed busy during the pandemic to the point of landing at No. 9 on Pollstar's 100 Weekly Livestreamers chart. "Get Lost" is his first new song of 2021 after releasing a gospel album in 2020.

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