Luke Bryan has branded himself with that youthful rite of passage known as Spring Break with his themed EPs. The singer's new 'Spring Break…Here to Party' collection lands on March 5 and he celebrates with the video for the ballad 'Buzzkill,' where a beautiful brunette turns out to be a serious, well, buzzkill.

The video's action takes place in a bar, with Bryan perched on a pool table and his band sitting on stools as they cradle their instruments and perform at this local watering hole in Anytown, USA.

While Bryan bas been known to take up the lead role and act in his videos, he is content to be more passive in the 'Buzzkill' clip. He appears solely in the performance footage, strumming away on his acoustic guitar while wearing his baseball cap as a brown-haired, blue-eyed and beautiful buzzkill does her thing. She is gorgeous and is the centerpiece of the ensuing drama, enticing two young, rugged studs in different ways.

If you still frequent the bar scene on weekends, this scenario should be instantly familiar to you.

She flirts with one dude at the bar and then makes out with another. It's not clear if she came with him, but she appears to be leaving with him, much to the dismay of the gentleman who became enamored with her during their brief exchange at the bar. Was she being flirty and playful? Or was she an evil tease? Did he read too much into her innocent flirtation and make a fool of himself by trying to hit on her further? You decide.

Watch and enjoy from a distance, and be glad you're not in the middle of this drama.