The good-natured Luke Bryan spoke to three radio stations recently about one rather serous subject: a fake Facebook account that was created in Bryan's name. The hacker snookered several fans and could have soiled Bryan's good name, but the singer is taking it all in stride.

When Bryan spoke to WQYK, he admitted that the social networking drama caused him a bit of a headache and said that fans can stay up-to-date on his happenings via his official Twitter handle, which is @LukeBryanOnline.

During his chat with KMPS, Bryan revealed that the Facebook faker used the account to toy with fans, offering free tickets and even had one unfortunate soul thinking he could quit his job and write songs with Bryan. Thankfully, the culprit has been stopped.

Bryan also spoke to KMPS about some of his favorite spring break memories, since the singer is releasing his new EP, 'Spring Break 3 … It's a Shore Thing.' He recalled the time he was "dared to funnel Dr. Pepper - when I say funnel, I mean like beer bong --  and Jim Beam, I think. Then I barfed it up and went and ate a Subway sandwich with meatballs. You talk about awful. That marinara going down was like battery acid." Bryan also revealed that his relationship with his wife blossomed during spring break, and that they wed five-and-a-half years later.

KMPS also got to the bottom of Bryan's newly erected man cave. It's not just a room where his wife allows him to keep his stuff -- Bryan said it's "a real man cave. There will be a combination on the door ... it's my place." Some of the things he will keep in his dude bunker include his vintage, '67 Telecaster Fender and a gun safe, which he joked he will "load down with so much artillery I will be able to end the third World War."

When KFROG chatted with Bryan, he admitted that one of his wife's email addresses got shut down in the wake of the Facebook hack and he was unhappy about how the event intruded into his life. He then switched gears to more lightweight fare, and revealed a different spring break memory.

"My sister was expecting her first child and we get down there the first night and we had been out partying like crazy all night," the singer recalled about one of his first major college adventures. "I get a phone call about 5:30. My sister is going into labor, so I left the beach and drove back home and was about an hour from my hometown and my truck blows up. I towed to get a wrecker to a Chevrolet dealership and I fell asleep on a couch in the dealership." Bryan awoke to a tap on the shoulder, which was delivered by a Georgia state patrolmen who came to pick him up and take him to see his sister, thanks to a familial connection. He finished, "My sister had the baby and I got back down to the beach and the party had never really stopped."

The party continues March 1 when Bryan releases his third spring break EP.